Why the shipping cost is pricey?

Alpha Keycaps is based in Indonesia.

The shipping cost to CONUS, Europe, and other Asian countries aren’t cheap. EMS is our choice for express shipping since my first sale and I believe after comparing to the other shipping service, EMS is the cheapest and most reliable than the others. EMS is trackable.

For regular shipping, it definitely way slower than the express one. Pos Indonesia (Indonesian National Postal Service) is our choice for regular shipping. You could also track the parcel but it’s not helping sometimes. But that doesn’t mean it unreliable, just more slower than EMS.

And to be honest, the actual price of the shipping is more than I charge in every express transaction (Alpha Keycaps subsidize the international shipping cost).

How do I track my keycaps?

You could track your keycaps, both express and regular shipping on this website.